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1. The Priority of God's Word - Pastor Alson

2. Get Up! Stand Up! Speak Up! - Pastor Alson

3. Fake News and Propaganda - Pastor Alson

Rally Press Release Sept 15, 2016

Short Report of the Sept 11, 2016 Rally

Sept 11, 2016 Rally - A Call to Preserve Biblical Family Values - Pastor Alson

Seven Take Home Messages - Dr. Brendan Bain

Marriage and the Way Forward - Attorney David Gibbs III

Mass Rally - The Future is NOW - Sept 11, 2016 - Event Background

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For a Healthy Future - Essays - Bishop Nicholas Sykes

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Questions have understandably arisen about the ethics of the covid vaccinations. Please view here for some helpful information and assistance in deciding on taking the shot, and on an ethical production of vaccines.

Civil Partnership Law Issues
CMA Statement on Assented Civil Partnership Law and Premier's Office Statement
Response to a Press article on above

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Domestic Partnership Legislation 

Christian View [1]

CMA Position Marriage January 2020

CMA Press Release July 2020

A CMA Comment - Doing What is Right for the Right Reasons July 2020

Dame Joan Sawyer's Comments July 2020

A Letter from the Christian Association for Civics and Political Education with link to video

Communiques from Caribbean Cause July-Aug 2020  [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]

The Hour of Courage - Let Cayman Arise
A message from Anguilla

Same Sex Marriage in Cayman - Legal and Ethical Background

Non-discrimination, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands; and a Circular Argument?

Signing the Fort Street Declaration
Report in Caymanian Times

"Facts Every Citizen Should Know and LGBT Won't Tell You"

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Cayman's "legal duty to amend laws" - a response

Legal Advice to the CMA on Same Sex Legal Recognition

Draft - The Fort Street George Town Declaration of the Cayman Islands - including the CMA position on Marriage

Affirmation of Traditional Orthodox Christian Marriage - Statement by Church of God Chapel in C.I.

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