Dear Friends,

We watched the Government Press Conference today with much interest, mainly seeing how the new Government ministers present at the Conference are taking on their responsibilities, which we thought they were handllng very well. For me, Dr. John Lee made very good and important points as well, though of course he was not part of the new government. Two points that Dr. Lee made impressed me: that (1) the situation we are dealing with in regard to covid-19 is not one of finding direction from “exact science”. While the worldwide public tends to be bombarded by the politicians with such slogans as “Follow the science”, I think that was an important statement. An expert’s expert is saying that there is a great deal that is not known in advance of some particular experimental process that might be tried out, tested and found able to save lives. The second point (2) was that certain non-vaccine treatments were proving to be effective. Of course the two points can be seen to be linked.

While as science-trained though not a physician I have seen (and am making increasingly available for inspection) evidence that seems unassailable of even more effectiveness for treatment and prevention by the use of the readily and cheaply available ivermectin, than by the use of the medications that were apparently referenced by Dr. Lee, I am extremely happy that Dr. Lee has said what he did.

A point that was made to me long ago about the course of the Second World War seems important here. It is the answer to the question of what main factor caused Hitler to lose the Second World War. 

Hitler started losing the War when he unwisely opened up a second front - against Russia, with which he was previously allied. Against the West alone he might have pulled it off, but opening up a second front was strategically disastrous. And that is what we need for Covid-19 to be definitively defeated: two “fronts”, rather than just the one front of vaccination. The second “front” will be medical prevention and treatment by the use of oral medicine. Attenuated by the two fronts together the epidemic will be brought quickly under control. However, the world is greatly afflicted by those who seem to be too well satisfied with the weak methodology of the single front.

The Collect for the week of the Third Sunday after Trinity is

O Lord, we beseech thee mercifully to hear us; and grant that we, to whom thou hast given an hearty desire to pray, may by thy mighty aid be defended and comforted in all dangers and adversities; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

One of the most striking things about this prayer is the stated assumption that those who use it are possessed of “an hearty desire to pray” - in more modern terms, a desire to pray to the Lord that springs from the very centre of our personhood. The prayer is actually full of extremes of expression: (1) “we beseech Thee mercifully” (not just, “Lord, hear us”, (2) “an hearty desire”, (3) “by thy mighty aid”  - a help that is overwhelming, (4) not just when things get a bit sticky but in “all dangers and adversities”. 

This is a prayer meet for a time of war. Indeed, as those baptised into Christ, we are joined with Christ in His overpowering quarrel with the world.

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In reliance upon the mighty power of the Triune God to keep us faithful to and in all truth, I am in your service 

Bishop Nicholas