Well  …  All of a sudden Cayman politics has suddenly got super interesting. Here is the info. I have just received:

Office of the Premier Designate 

For Immediate Release 

Date 15 April 2021 

Formation of New Government following 2021 General Elections 

Early this morning, the 10 Independent candidates elected following yesterday's General Election (noted further below) met and agreed the following: 

- Speaker of the House: Alric Lindsay 

- Premier: Wayne Panton 

- Deputy Premier: Chris Saunders 

Premier Designate, Wayne Panton officially met with the Governor this morning to formally request that the Parliament be called to convene on Wednesday, 21st April @10am to swear in members and formally elect the Premier under Section 49(3) of the Cayman Islands Constitution.  

Premier Designate, Wayne Panton said: 

“The elections are over, the people have spoken, and it is time to get on with the business of making people’s lives better. I am delighted, impressed, and inspired by the level of maturity shown by the elected Independent members to put aside political differences that arose on the campaign to work in the best interest of our Islands. 

All of us who decided to step into the public arena did so to make a positive difference to the communities we serve.  Many good people were unsuccessful at the polls but still have a lot to offer.  Alric Lindsay is one such individual.  As Speaker of the House, he will bring the much-needed articulation and maturity to the role. 

The Government that I am humbled to lead will be People driven, Accountable, Competent and Transparent (PACT).  We are all humbled by the electorate's trust and recognise that we have much work to do and are ready and willing to work on your behalf.” 

Premier Designate, Wayne Panton, concluded: 

“I am tremendously proud that the 10 Independent candidates have joined together, in a decisive and cohesive fashion, to commence the process of forming a new government. Although PACT has the majority and are committed to that as a government, we will demonstrate to the country a refreshing and new approach by being open to other elected members joining in order to carry out the wishes of the electorate to form an inclusive coalition to work in the best overall interests of the country.’’ 

To confirm, the 10 Independent candidates referred to above are as follows: 

G. Wayne Panton – MP Elect, Newlands 

Christopher Selvin Saunders – MP Elect, Bodden Town West 

Johany S. “Jay” Ebanks – MP Elect, North Side 

Kenneth Vernon Bryan – MP Elect, George Town Central 

Isaac Douglas Rankine – MP Elect, East End 

Bernie Alfredo Bush – MP Elect, West Bay North 

Katherine Ebanks-Wilks – MP Elect, West Bay Central 

Andre Martin Ebanks – MP Elect, West Bay South 

Sabrina Turner – MP Elect, Prospect 

Heather Dianne Bodden – MP Elect, Savannah 


On Apr 15, 2021, at 2:46 PM, Nicholas Sykes <nsykes@candw.ky> wrote:

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As I write it is about 24 hours after we voted in Cayman's General Election. There is a sense of “Well, what was it really all about?”, it seems to me, in the land. I suppose it must be different in North Side and East End where the incumbents - longstanding both of them - lost their seats. Those who hoped to topple any of the big figures of the ruling coaition have all been disappointed, and the former premier must be congratulating himself on his successful tactic of calling the election early. Those who were looking for confirmation that the voting public was looking for different approaches towards such issues as development and the environment did not receive it. 

By the constitutional restrictions on the premier’s terms of office (rather than from any election result) we do have a change of Pemier. This is to be the Hon Roy McTaggart, and it is our duty as Chrstians to pray for him and for the Government that he and his colleagues wll assemble. For these, any doubt that hung over the constitutionality and legitimacy of the last government due to breaching s.49 of the Constitution will not exist. Let us pray that the Lord will guide the new team well.

In the Westminster system of government the Opposition too is very important. As I write there will be some uncertainty over one or two of the newly elected MPs whether they may join with the Government or with the Opposition. Our prayers should extend to the Opposition in their very important role of resourcing the debates with keen observations and warnings and helpful suggestions. May they prove to be that voice of reason at any time when human frailties of ambition and power afflict our ruling politicians and tempt them to unrealities of various kinds, or making them weak in engaging robustly and wisely with foreign or British powers.

May all parties in the new House of Parliament be wise in looking for divine guidance and help to continue the fundamental values of a society accepting and observant of a Christian basis.

The Collect for the Second Sunday after Easter runs as follows:

Almighty God, who hast given thine only Son to be unto us both a sacrifice for sin, and also an ensample of godly life: Give us grace that we may always most thankfully receive that his inestimable benefit, and also daily endeavour ourselves to follow the blessed steps of his most holy life; through the same Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

May we indeed as the prayer says “thankfully receive” the “benefit” that we as members of Christ truly have, whatever our outward condition may be. It is truly “inestimable” - the pearl of great price that a sensible merchant would sell everything he had for. It is the unfathomable privilege of the everlasting covenant that God has forged with His people - the privilege that He gave His Son to be “unto us .. a sacrifice for sin”. It is a reminder too of the fact that we need grace even to receive such a gift “most thankfully”. Coupled with that great prayer is the consequential prayer that following His “ensample of godly life” we therefore also should “endeavour ourselves” to follow the "blessed steps of his most holy life”.

For directions about the services this Sunday the 18th April, please see the website www.truthwithlanguage.com  .

In the most gracious and holy Name of the Lord Jesus,

Bishop Nicholas